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How to use.


  1. Start Web2Mail and select 'Account' in the charm. (This 'Account' panel will pop up automatically when you are not completed the account settings)
  2. First of all, please fill the account settings form. See 'Account' for further details.
  3. Basically it is not necessary to update these settings if your e-mail account is not revised. Please check your settings with the 'Settings Test' button and be sure to that is "success".

From Internet explorer with 'share charm'.

  1. When you have finished the account settings, start metro-style Internet Explorer with your favorite website and open 'share charm'. Then you can find Web2Mail in the list. Please select it.
  2. Web2Mail shows a 'preview' of the website. This 'preview' is not same as the browser's representation because this html has been modified to optimize for html e-mail.
  3. An e-mail subject is also updated by title of the website as a default. You can modify it if you want.
    Hint: in Evernote, You can add tags into the subject. see 'How to send email into Evernote'.
  4. Confirm the 'preview' then press 'send' button to send an e-mail to the receiver e-mail address. Contents of the e-mail is based on that website html.
  5. Use 'Option' button to open the 'Option' panel. All option settings are automatically applied when you are closed the panel.
  6. An e-mail will be sent in background. so the 'toast' is used to notify the e-mail status.
  7. if you have any trouble in 'preview' or e-mail content, please see "Restriction" and/or "FAQ" section.

As a standalone application.

  1. Web2Mail can be used as standalone application also.
  2. First, enter website url that you want to send to the 'URL'. Then select 'load' button.
  3. Next, content of the website will be loaded. Fill the 'Subject' and 'To'.And select 'Send' button to send an e-mail.
  4. In this case, unlike the 'share charm' on Internet Explorer, sending an e-mail is done synchronously. So "message dialog" will be appeared if an error has occurred.

Check content of the e-mail.

Web2Mail converts from website html to e-mail html as much possible. but this convert process is not perfect. Sometimes generated e-mail html might be missed some information from the original html page. Please see 'Restrictions' and 'FAQ' section in this help if you have trouble with this feature. e.g. 'Preview' does not match the browser view, Representation of html e-mail on the mailer or the service looks wrong, Getting an error when send an e-mail...


Further information of the 'Account' panel.


Primary 'To'.

Additional 'To' (1)-(3).

Additional 'Cc'.

SMTP server address.


SMTP Password.

SMTP port number.

SMTP default charset.

Do not split the e-mail subject.

Settings Test.

Purchase License.


Further information of the "Option" panel.

Embed data in the e-mail.

Rendered HTML preview.

Zoomed-out HTML preview.

Remove script tags.

Remove no-operation data.

HTTP default encoding.

HTTP Accept-Language request header.

HTTP connection timeout (in sec).

HTTP max automatic redirections.

HTTP User-Agent request header.

HTTP read buffer size (in bytes).

HTML buffer size.


This section describes restrictions and limitations of latest Web2Mail.

Network Connection.

HTML e-mail.

SMTP Mail Server.


Privacy Policy.


FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

In Windows Mail, Web2Mail will generate almost empty e-mail in several websites.
I think that Windows Mail html e-mail support is limited. If you have sent same e-mail to Thunderbird mailer that has browser engine, representation of the e-mail will be different. Windows Mail does not represent all of html e-mail generated by Web2Mail.
an e-mail I sent is not same as 'preview', or original website. (e.g. wrong layout, some images lacked, incorrect letter position...)
Unfortunately Web2Mail cannot create html that has perfect compatibility with the browser. Please see 'Restrictions' for more information.
I can find some garbled characters in the 'preview' and in the e-mail.
Please try to change 'HTTP default encoding' in 'Option' settings.
I can find some garbage strings in the 'preview' and in the e-mail.
At first, please try to turn off both 'Remove script tags' and 'Remove no-operation data' in 'Option' settings. If problem was solved, Web2Mail internal processing algorithm might be wrong. In this case, please use these options 'OFF' for that website.
I can find some garbage characters in the e-mail subject.
Please try to change 'Do not split the e-mail subject.' in 'Account' settings.
There is no 'Toast' notification when sending an e-mail from 'share charm'.
Please check 'Permissions' settings on Web2Mail, and turn on 'Allow this app to show notifications'. And please make sure that sending an e-mail that has a long html take a long time.
An e-mail that has been sent to Evernote does not contains images.
Please turn OFF 'Embed data in the e-mail' in 'Option' settings.
An e-mail that has been sent to 'Kindle Personal Documents Service' does not contains images.
Please turn ON 'Embed data in the e-mail' in 'Option' settings.
In 'Kindle Personal Documents Service', I can send an e-mail. but I cannot open the document.
I am sorry, Web2Mail cannot solve this issue at this stage. May be it depends on size of images, and/or size of html content...
I can see 'Success' in 'Settings test' process. But I can not send an e-mail in several websites.
If you can send an e-mail with a small content website, it might be caused by limitation of your mail server.